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One of the major goals of CBS-GPE is the integration of new technological innovations at each stage of the phosphoric acid extraction and transformation processes, from phosphate rock to finished fertilizers, to achieve the best environmental performance for a minimum cost.

To meet increasingly complex industrial needs, CBS-GPE implements large-scale, cross-sectoral and transdisciplinary projects to stimulate synergies and integrate knowledge from multiple disciplines.

It is for this purpose that the CBS-GPE program has been reorganized into several focus areas, based on the existing research expertise and the collaborative work of several partners: green and sustainable chemistry, catalysis, thermal transformation, organometallic and coordination chemistry, process engineering, modelling, simulation and optimization, unit management and industrial management, microbiology and omics technology for P, N and K studies.

CBS-GPE projects aim to decipher the molecular mechanisms of each transformation, process and event, while bringing innovative technical solutions to industrial and social needs. In short, from the transformation of raw materials and waste to the development of green processes