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UM6P Student Skills

UM6P student in 10 skills

The UM6P student in 10 transversal skills is a pedagogical and strategic concept that defines all the skills, attitudes and abilities that all UM6P students must acquire, in addition to the studied discipline, throughout their curriculum within the university whatever their educational background and fields.

This framework of cross-disciplinary skills makes it possible to facilitate the professional integration of our graduates into the professional life, or in the pursuit of their studies in higher education by equipping them with key skills, depending on the needs of the professional market and the requirements of the graduate studies.

The main objective of this framework is above all to provide a guide allowing students to identify and develop individual skills useful for their employability and their civic life.

These 10 skills pave the way for your academic and professional development.

Achieve excellence in your discipline through interdisciplinarity. The world today is complex; the questions asked are complex and their solution is generally at the crossroads of several disciplines. A single reading grid is rarely enough.

Know yourself to better develop. Know your strengths on which to capitalize and also recognize your areas of progress. An "introspection" is necessary to build a professional project that is similar to you and that will allow you to flourish in your future life.

Learn to work together for more performance. Knowing how to pool skills, knowledge, creativity, reflection and problem-solving skills in the service of a common goal.

Develop your capacity for innovation and your entrepreneurial spirit, whatever your career choice (entrepreneurship, employment, research): bring out an idea, build and manage a project, know how to sell your ideas, and learn from your experiences, etc.

Learn to step back from the flood of information, to base your arguments and judgments on solid evidence and arguments, to question yourself, to be open-minded and to understand the point of view of the other.

Contribute, each in their own way, to the development of the world and the community around us. Be part of a civic commitment to improve living conditions and create a safer, healthier and more prosperous environment for everyone, and at all levels. Demonstrate integrity and respect the rules of the ethics code in the professional context as well as in that of community life.

Develop a point of view from the South to understand the specific issues related to the African continent and suggest solutions adapted to the specificities of our context.

Acquire the minimum background in understanding the “Data, digitalization and AI” phenomenon in order to cope with the upheavals of today’s world. Understand the challenges of data and its impact on our daily lives, understand the main mechanisms of its collection, processing and analysis.

Strengthen your fluency in languages and communication. Always know how to highlight your point of view and arguments through written, mastered and impactful speeches, in French as in English.

Learn to continue to develop independently, during and especially after your course in order to remain efficient in a constantly changing world.