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UM6P and Anoual Laboratory signed a partnership in the field of biomedical sciences on Wednesday, April 6. This partnership follows the innovations already achieved between UM6P and Laboratoire Anoual in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, e.g, first sequencing of the Sars-Cov-2 genome, implementation of an original diagnostic method for Sars-Cov-2 by infrared spectroscopy and machine learning , having hoisted this Moroccan technology in the finals of the international competition X-Prize Fast Covid Testing in the United States which brought together more than 750 innovative teams worldwide. "This invention is proof that cutting-edge innovation is possible in Morocco and we look forward to launching new projects that benefit the health sector in Morocco and worldwide," said Mr. Rachid Benhida, Professor at UM6P. 


Based on an international expertise and a multidisciplinary team in Chemistry, Biology, Health and Artificial Intelligence, this partnership aims to develop several research axes in human genomics and metabolomics and artificial intelligence to meet an urgent need in diagnosis and treatment of certain cancers and metabolic diseases. "This multidisciplinary partnership is particularly important because the intersection of health, microbiology and artificial intelligence holds great promise for the development of new diagnostic technologies and medical treatments. We are at the dawn of a major revolution in this field thanks to the development of new technologies," enthuses Dr. Fekkak, Director of Anoual Laboratory.

This partnership will be able to rely on the skills present at the Anoual Laboratory as well as those of UM6P including, among others, the Chemical and Biochemical Sciences Green Process Engineering (CBS) department headed by Professor Rachid Benhida or in artificial intelligence led by Dr. Dr. Lahlou Kitane.