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UM6P to co-host the African Cities Lab - 2023 Summit

On May 23rd and 24th 2023, the African Cities Lab platform will bring together governments, urban professionals, academic researchers, entrepreneurs, public and private actors and youth from all over the world in order to uplift african cities development.

The African Cities Lab 2023 SUMMIT aims at creating a truly collective, international and intergenerational platform, connected and open to the world, where ALL urban development actors will reflect on digital and smart cities as new models for African cities.

Over the two days of African Cities Lab 2023 SUMMIT, the tomorrow’s and today’s actors of African cities and of urban and sustainable development will meet to discuss about: collecting data in real time, establishing communication networks to connect devices and people in Africa, analysing data to optimise the management of urban resources and basic public services creation.

From Sèmè City (Cotonou, Bénin) and Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (Ben Guérir, Morocco) and through a dedicated online platform, international and intergenerational urban actors, politicians, architects, academic researchers, youth, national and international organizations will spread ideas and imagine data - driven solutions to build new models of African cities.


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