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The "UNITY" team from UM6P won first prize at the AWB Business Game


The "UNITY" team from UM6P won the first prize at the 2nd edition of the “Attijari Startup Game” organized by Attijariwafa Bank. The UNITY team represented UM6P among ten schools from the African continent that participated in this international event.


Over a week, the UNITY team collaborated effectively and overcame various challenges. They solved puzzles, developed strategies to attract potential customers, and worked on a financial plan. Through their hard work and dedication, they learned valuable business knowledge and emerged victorious from the competition through their strength and teamwork.


The Attijari Startup Game is an annual international competition set to promote entrepreneurship and innovation in Africa. Students from all African schools and universities can participate and work in teams to create an innovative business using the skills and knowledge gained in their fields of study.