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The Public Policy School (PPS) is the entity that delivers executive education within the UM6P Cluster for Social Sciences, Economics and Humanities. PPS offers specifically tailored programs adapted to the needs public policy makers in Africa. Such programs provide policy makers with a range of tools to perform reflective analysis on both the challenges and the opportunities on the African scene today.  Training programs on offer at PPS address current public policy issues in the South and methodologically combine cutting-edge academic research with experiential knowledge from public policy decision-makers.

For the delivery of its high-quality education for executives, Public Policy School calls for experts  from the broader community of professors, researchers and experts from  Faculty of Governance, Economics and Social Sciences (FGSES) together with  the Africa Institute for Research in Economics and Social Sciences (AIRESS), as well as fellows of the Policy Center for the New South, a think tank closely associated with the UM6P Cluster Social Sciences, Economics & Humanities 

In line with the pedagogical values in place within the larger UM6P Cluster for Social Sciences, Economics and Social Sciences, the Public Policy School uses  interactive pedagogy that places the participant at the heart of the knowledge process. As is the case with FGSES, it aims to develop autonomy in learning, hindsight in reflection together with discernment in decision-making.


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