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School of Agriculture, Fertilization and Environmental Sciences


ESAFE is the school of Agriculture at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University aiming to become a leader in the sector of education and research in Africa. ESAFE trains agricultural experts to contribute to food security by advancing research, improving fertilizers and plant products, and through sustainable water and soil management. 

ESAFE programs address relevant topics, including fertilizers, the environment and crop productivity. These Master’s programs are accredited by the Ministry of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research.


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•To be recognized as an international reference for training impactful professionals and researchers in high-technology agriculture in Africa.
•Human Capital Development for Agriculture in Africa in Changing Climate Context.


  • Academic  and professional training in African agriculture with strong link to field context.
  • Integrating its educational programs with strong research, development & tech transfer activities at UM6P with a focus on postgraduate and professional training.
  • Plant & soil science with focus on high technologies and sustainability in agriculture.
  • Education of students and experts to acquire latest scientific and professional knowledge and skills through high quality study programs in partnerships with high reputed organizations.
  • Pedagogical engineering through tailored, flexible and innovative programs for impactful professionals & researchers.
  • Promoting innovation &  entrepreneurship for value creation in AgriTech sector.

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