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Redefining Science and Humanity at UM6P's Science Week

Join us at UM6P Benguerir campus from the 12th to the 16th of February for an enlightening journey through the paradigm of transitions at this year's Science Week! 
Dive into the heart of change with over 50 globally renowned researchers, including stars of pioneering science, as we explore the delicate balance of evolution and disruption across diverse fields. 
From the groundbreaking world premiere of Luc Hardy's documentary on cloning revolution to an exceptional concert by Geoffroy Couteau, the famed interpreter of Brahms known for his profound musical transitions, this event promises a captivating blend of science and art. 
Engage in discussions on material, climatic, digital, economic, and biotechnological transitions among others, as we navigate through the complexities of today's changing world. Be part of shaping the future as we collectively seek new equilibriums in an era of imminent shifts. 
Don't miss this opportunity to contribute to the Grand White Paper on Transitions, alongside esteemed researchers and emerging scholars. 
Let's redefine science and embrace the multitude of transitions shaping our humanity!
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