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UM6P participation at the U7+ Presidential Summit on Climate Change and Sustainability

An insighful journey at the U7+ Presidential Summit on Climate Change and Sustainability.

On April 11th and 12th, the President of UM6P, Hicham El Habti, participated in the U7+ Presidential Summit, hosted by Bocconi University in Milan, Italy. The involvement in this year's summit, themed "Inclusive Education for Inclusive Societies," is fostering central missions of the UM6P, which are high-quality education and sustainability.

The dedication of the UM6P is illustrated by beneficial scholarships programs, adressed to 80% of the students, and multiple efforts in research and innovation, especially in renewable energy, sustainable agriculture and green technology.

Participation in the Climate Change and Sustainability session showcased pioneering projects, including the Benguerir Green City project and the Green Energy Park. These initiatives are reinforcing the UM6P's role as a beacon of knowledge and progress not only in Morocco, but across Africa and beyond.

From groundbreaking green hydrogen and ammonia production projects to innovations in solar energy and sustainable agriculture, UM6P is leading the way towards a greener future. The Green Tech innovations, such asthe Africa Smart City Forum and the TOURBA project on carbon farming, highlight the drive towards utilizing technology for sustainable development.

Partners, Alumni, and global stakeholders are invited to join in this journey towards sustainability and innovation. Collaboration is encouraged to expand the impact on climate change and sustainability for the current and next generation.