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EMINES - School of Industrial Management


Resolutely oriented towards the corporate world, the School of Industrial Management strives to train real industrial managers able to respond to the complexities of today’s world.

Throughout the 20th century, national and international training and research systems produced specialized graduates and conducted research programs to solve the essentially technical questions posed to the world of business.

At the beginning of the 21st century, the need has changed with the globalization of markets and the ever-faster evolution of both available technical solutions and organizational systems in companies.

The need for engineers (in the sense of "managers mastering the techniques of their specialization") is now supplemented by a need for "industrial managers" capable of understanding both the global nature of companies and the different components (economic, technological social, environmental) of their function.



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The proximity that the School of Industrial Management develops with the world of Moroccan and international companies significantly fosters this practical aspect of the training. This translates into industrial and academic internships integrated into schooling (minimum 42 weeks) and by the numerous projects carried out in teams

Every Emines research topic benefits from a partnership between the School and a given enterprise, and seeks to address one of the latter’s issues. The implementation of simulation tools and decision support allows understanding the complexity of the questions raised and reproducing operational reality.

The pedagogical partnership with l’Ecole des Mines de Paris (MINES ParisTech), through its academic faculty, is the foundation for learning and mastery of scientific multidisciplinary knowledge, alongside technical tools. As for the research programs, these benefit directly from a network of world-class teacher-researchers, affiliated with the School of Industrial Management

The various training and research programs prepare the future graduates to fathom the realities of an ever-evolving economic world, largely open to international exchanges. These also initiate the graduates to entrepreneurship in a changing and multicultural setting.

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